Big Meadow Road is Open

The main road to access the Jennie Lakes Trailhead (Big Meadow) is open. Users can now enjoy accessing many parts of the Jennie Lakes Wilderness. Due to the drought, it is recommended you pay attention to water sources as many creeks may have lower to no flows. Plan accordingly and be safe!

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Recreation Opportunities

From the Sequoia National Forest

Most recreation sites on the Hume Lake Ranger District in Giant Sequoia National Monument, Sequoia National Forest will be open in time for holiday travelers. Reservations for an overnight stay are encouraged: the area is a very popular destination for travelers. To ensure a camping spot, advanced reservations can be made up to six months in advance by calling (877) 444-6777 or on the web at Fire danger is high; please check for current fire restrictions, possibly banning campfires a few days before your trip.

Overnight lodging may be available at Montecito Lake Resort (800) 227-9900 and Stony Creek Lodge (877) 828-1440 in addition to lodging in the neighboring Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks. Wilderness trailheads for the Jennie Lakes area are open for hikers. The Deer Cove Trailhead is open to access the Monarch Wilderness; the trail past the ridge remains closed due to hazards. The Kanawyer Trail is closed until further notice due to trail conditions. Wilderness permits are not required for the Jennie Lakes or Monarch Wilderness areas managed by the Forest Service.

The following roads will remain closed due to hazards: Boulder Creek (FR-13S23) Road, Tornado Meadow (FR-13S26), Camp 7 (FR-13S05, FR-13S50), and Chimney Rock Road (FR- 14S29). Visitors are expected to “pack it in, pack it out” when visiting public lands, and overnight stays are limited to 14 nights.

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The Last Snow Survey Results are in for May!

Kings River Basin snow survey results for 2021

The snow survey results are in for the Kings River Basin. The Jennie Lakes Wilderness primarily drains into the Kings River. Site 226, Rowell meadow, and 236, Big Meadows, are some of the closest sites to survey in or near the wilderness. Well the results are not good at all. The Kings River is at 16% of normal for this time of year! Make sure to plan accordingly if you plant to go to the wilderness this season. Be conscious of flowing streams as you pass by as they may not be flowing depending when you go. Be safe and plan accordingly this season.

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April Snow Survey Results

April 2021 Snow Survey Results

The snow survey results are in. Unfortunately it is going to be a dry season when it comes to water. The Kings River Basin is at 44% of normal for this time of year. It was very much the same last season. If we don’t get anymore rain or snow going forward, expect conditions to be similar to last season if not worse. Plan accordingly!

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March Snow Survey Results

Kings River Basin for March 1, 2021

All but one snow survey result is in for the Kings River Basin. Unfortunately it is another month of not looking so good regarding our snow. The Kings River is sitting at 46% of normal for this time of year. Many people are hoping for a “Mircale March” to improve the snow pack for the April 1 survey. This week is projected to be in the 70’s, so that is not good for our snow. As you know though weather can change rather quickly and can surprise us. Here’s hoping for a better March.

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February Snow Survey Results

Kings River Snow Survey Results

The first snow survey results are in for February 1. Unfortunately it does not look good right now for the wilderness. Snow survey results discovered the area to be at 54% of normal. However, February and March are typically the “wettest” months in California for this area. March 1 and April 1 surveys will be important to seeing what kind of summer the wilderness will be experiencing.

Source: California Data Exchange Center (CDEC)

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New Year, New Communications

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you made the best of 2020 as much as you possibly could. The 2021 “hiking season” will soon be upon us. As such with a new year comes many new things in various parts of our lives. In respect to the website, there is a new way to communicate using Tapatalk’s forums. I have created a group there called Southern Sierra Wilderness.

The forums will be a new way for the community here to engage. By default the forums are closed to public viewing, meaning you need to join. Membership is completely free and there are several options for you to choose from in order to gain access. I believe it will also be a way for users to better share their adventures and photos of their trips, ask for advice, and general communications about the wilderness. I hope you find it helpful and I look forward to interacting with everyone.

Ready to get started? Simply click the link below to join in! Hope to chat with you soon.

Forums -> Southern Sierra Wilderness via Tapatalk.

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Trail Report: Weaver Lake

A user did a hike up to Weaver Lake during the first week of August. Sounds like some rerouting is taking place along the trail. Here is what he has to say.

Weaver Lake, last week. Weather great at Weaver. Trail past the turn off to get to Weaver had a few logs across it, causing many to stray slightly past the lake.

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Road to Big Meadows is Open

Road to Big Meadows is now open! Users are reporting able to drive to Marvin Pass TH as well. Enjoy everyone!

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Latest Road Access Update


As of June 3, 2020, at 3PM the gate to Big Meadows is still closed. They are hoping to open it this weekend, but need to get the area prepared first. As soon as official word is given that the road is open, you can expect a post coming out shortly about it.

A gate locked isn’t stopping folks from walking the extra miles to get into the Jennie Lakes Wilderness though. Several cars are parked in the parking area before the Big Meadows road gate and hiking in. I would imagine the wilderness is rather quiet right now so if you are willing to walk the extra miles, you may have one of those “rare moments” in the wilderness of feeling like you have it all to yourself! You can walk the road or take the snow mobile route.

The road construction on the General’s Highway can delay you up to an hour! I was out yesterday and waited 30 minutes (first one in line too). It then took 10 minutes to drive through all the construction work creating a 40 minute delay. Something to consider to avoid this construction is to follow signs to Cedar Grove/Hume Lake. Once pass Princess Campground, stay right towards Hume Lake. Stay on the pavement passed Hume Lake and rejoin up with the General’s Highway. Make a left at the stop sign and drive towards Big Meadows. I originally went this way to check on the Big Meadow gate and it was smooth driving. I should have went back the same way. However, you could take the risk and time it just right. If not, don’t be surprised to be sitting in your car for awhile.

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